Ray and Alicia have been together for 28 years and both have always had a fascination with the paranormal. About ten years ago they met another couple with the same interest and together they formed a paranormal investigation group. They worked with this team for several years before deciding to venture out on their own forming TriCounty Paranormal Society.  Ray and Alicia, together with their daughter Addie, and a friend Stewart Roberts, enjoy investigating the paranormal as well as learning the history of the places they investigate.  Alicia is a native of Corsicana and takes great pride in the city and the amazing history and stories of the area.


Dallas Area Paranormal Society was founded in 2002.  DAPS is a non-for-profit organization dedicated to the scientific study and data collection of the paranormal. The group consists of open-minded professionals who have experienced varying degrees of paranormal activity in their lives. At the helm of the group are Tonya Hartline-King and her husband, Alan King.

Tonya grew up in an old turn-of-the-century house where she had many frightening experiences as a child. These experiences followed her as she grew. After meeting her husband, Alan, the investigation of paranormal phenomenon became more mainstream and they found they had these experiences in common. When Tonya went to work at the Dallas Public Library she met Dallas Area Paranormal Society when they came to give a presentation. She and Alan joined the group and, after two years, found themselves as President and Tech Manager. They have investigated many locations together since joining in 2007. They have met many experts in the field, scientists, researchers and tech developers, who have all had a hand in their collective knowledge and techniques.

Alan was born in London, England, where he lived with his mother and grandmother in many haunted pubs. His mother tells of the spirits he would see and speak with, including his great-grandmother. Alan moved to Texas in 2002, where he and Tonya began their adventures together. Alan’s interests lie in the research and development of equipment specifically for use in paranormal investigations. His strengths are in EVP sessions and spirit communications, photography and video. He loved gadgets and is always looking for new ways to communicate with those who wish to be heard.